Shortage of Home Care Workers

Who will care for us when we age?

Almost all (80%) of long-term care for people with disabilities takes place in thier homes. And, with 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day, our state will face double the number of seniors who will require long-term care in the next decades. Sadly, the dismal combination of low wages, limited benefits and inconsistent work schedules will make it impossible to fill the need for home care workers—unless we do something.

  • $10.66 is the median hourly rate for home care workers in America
  • 1/2 of home care workers receive some form of public assistance
  • 90% Home care workers are women and more than half are people of color

We need to listen to caregivers.

In order to ensure seniors and people with disabilities have the care they deserve, we need to ensure policies focus on solving the caregiver shortage. Caregivers in California are already fighting for better wages in every county, we need to make sure our elected leaders are listening and held accountable. Additionally California should provide additional training options to home care workers and ensure fair working conditions.